Management Information System of Mine Confined Water Disaster Based on GIS

Abstract: Mine water inrush especially at the floor takes place frequently, which requires better management of mine water disaster. The paper based on GIS uses poly-information fusion by analyzing the revelant factors of mine water inrush and its mechanism and conside characters of mine hydrogeology management work to develop the management information system of mine confined water based on GIS. GIS and information fusion technique are both newly arisen, they are not used widely in forcasting water disaster, especially information fussion technique from the view of available data. And it has great significance in practice to introduce them into the forcasting of mine floor confined water disaster.Mine files management subsystem, data information management subsystem, graphs and pictures management subsystem, and forecasting subsystem of floor water inrush compose the totle system, the four systems are interreletive and compose a organic entirety to make the management of mine resource information systematized and standardized, and meanwhile forecasting the floor water inrush efficiently. Among the four systems, mine data information management subsystem realized the computer management of information with the help of powerful database management function of SQL Server 2000, which can solve and update the problems of mine information management. It supplys better service of information requirary and analysis, and forecasting water inrush. Imagines management subsystem utilizes the powerful figures management and space analysis function of GIS to realize information multi-faceted to realize information multi-aceted, to edit and revise the figures and the attribute requirary conviently. The forecasting subsystem introduces the concept of data fusion. In the time of constructing floor water inrush forecasting modle, the system not only considered the mechanism of any influencing factors sufficiently, but also optimized the information to utilize information. The secure evaluated outcome is gotten, and the forecasting outcome picture is formed, which is exactly an…
Key words: Geographic Information System; information fusion; fuzzy optimizing technique; evidence theory; mine water disater; forecasting

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