Strength Analysis and Research for the Key Components of Armoured Face Conveyor

Abstract: In recent decade, domestic made fully mechanic armoured face conveyors have been quickly developed with the construction of domestic high output and high efficiency coal mines. Up to now, the over heavy duty armoured face conveyors with capacity of 2000t/h and installed power of 1400kW have been widely used in various major coal mines’working face with annual output above 6 million tons countrywide.Although domestic made armoured face conveyors are close to the same foreign product in specification, type and installed power, in practice use, due to various reason, their reliability and service life is markedly inferior to same foreign product and cannot satisfy the requirement of high output and high efficiency of major coal mines in China.In hard working environment underground, beside bearing haulage of shearers, anti-cutting force, weight, line pans have to bearing pushing force for pans and pulling force for frame from hydraulic shelf. The rationality of structure, the stability of quality of line pans will directly affect the reliability and service life of the whole armoured face conveyor. In this article, using strong function of CAD/CAE of Unigraphics software, the line pans of over heavy duty armoured face conveyor have been analyzed and studied in strength by limited element method. The three key components of line pans: pulling ears of line pans, the joints of locating sigma part and pin rack has been emphasizely analyzed in this article; by calculation, the problems maybe exist in practice use has been solved in design and the rationality of product structure has been improved, therefore the reliability and service life of line pans has been guaranteed…
Key words: Armoured face conveyor; Line pan; Limited element; Strength analysis

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