Design and Development of Mine Safety Management Information System Based on MapX

Abstract: Safety is the key part of mine enterprise's production, so it's very important. Butwith mine enterprise being larger and more complexity, the safety information inproduction becomes more and more numerous, the leaders are difficulty to analyzeproblems comprehensively through traditional ways. The advanced informationtechnology can help us to do analysis and make decisions quickly, to preventaccidents, and to insure safety in production. A perfect safety information system maygather and save all safety information accurately and completely in time. Then wecan analyze the reasons of the accidents, predict the accidents, improve the efficiencyof the management, provide supports to safety surveillance, and put the safety planinto effect.According to the numerous geographical information of mine enterprise, thepaper gives the way to design the safety management information system based onGIS, and the detail to achieve it.The system, with C/S model, is made of five sub-systems which are designedaccording to the product line and the need of safety management. Using this system,we can browse maps, or edit them, tie the geographical data with database, paint thetheme figures, open files by hot links, export the data, backup the data or restore thedata, share the data, and so on. The operations of the system are very easily, but thefunction of the system is powerful. It's easy to do some extension on the system. Thesystem will greatly improve safety management of mine enterprise…
Key words: mine; safety; GIS; MapX

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