Study of Mine Hydrogeologic Information Management System Based on GIS

Abstract: The hydrogeologic work of mining is relative to mine’s safety, especially mining water-disaster is very important to mine’s safety in the process of mining coal. Some coalmines have mined about 100 years, which have a great deal of mining hydrogeology data. If these can be managed and analyzed effectively, this will be very useful to guiding mine’s production and preventing mine water disasters.The management of hydrogeologic has a big quantity data. It has not only spatial data, but also attribute data. The mode of traditional CAD & attribute database has not adapted the need of the modern hydrogeologic, it is necessary to adopt the advanced technic of GIS.This paper presents the thoughtway and realization of the hydrogeology information management system. It is dead against the fact of the hydrogeology field, design a convenient and applied system, based on SuperMap GIS 5 which is a component software and the Visual Basic 6.0 which is a visual programmed tool. The system has realized the function such as data collection, protract of hydrogeologic map, scan information, query and statistic, spatial analyses, general management and so on. The system interface uses the common menu and toolbar to drive the assignment and takes.The isomerous flat and intelligent function kernel as an unit into the customized interface so that it could make the special knowledge and concept of GIS fuzzy to convenient the users.The hydrogeology information management system offers effective support for managements and visualization of data about mining hydrogeology, assistant decision of the coal production management department. It reveals the remarkable advantages over the mode of traditional management in assistant decision and scientific management. It settles base for digital mine…
Key words: Geographical Information System; hydrogeologic; Database technology; Com

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