Based on ARCGIS Mineral Resources Information Management System Design and Development

Abstract: Mineral resource is non-renewable resource, human society's survival and development is based on its' development and use. Mineral resource's planning、theoretical、research and empirical analysis is aimed at optimizing the allocation of mineral resources, effectively enhance the sustainable development of mining capacity. With the development of society, the problem in use and exploitation of mineral resources is getting worse. The traditional manual approach stored map data to statements, document storage format text makes management of mineral resources cumbersome, complex and has great blindness. To search for mineral resource information often requires a great amount of time and manpower. Therefore, we need to find a new mineral resources management and planning way to replace the original method.With the digital age coming, As the geographic information system is progressing and developing, the management of mineral resource has new ideas and methods, in essence, it is a technology revolution. Geographic information systems research covers geographical entities. It is based on spatial relations of Geographical entities. Therefore, the geographic information system research scope is extremely widespread, so long as in the humanity level of understanding, it can carry on the expression by the certain way the thing or the object all may use the geographic information system to conduct the research.In this paper, by using computers, GIS database technology and methods of mineral resources in accordance with the relevant planning regulations, regulations and requirements, a mineral resources management system for mineral resources used to store, manage the mineral resource is founded, which provides ancillary support and the necessary tools for the full realization of mineral resources information, which lay the foundation for realizing the initial modernization of mineral resources. with the social, political and economic factors linked closely with prominent ecological priority development strategy, the combination is a comprehensive, standardized and scientific management system.In this paper, the theory of mineral resource and technical support system such as Database is the basis of his achievement, According to the characteristics of mineral resources and needs, it complete the mineral resources management system framework of the overall structural design. It is the foundation of a system's research and development. System uses "ArcGIS+Oracle+ArcSDE" to build the spatial database, is used to storage and data information services. Mass data storage and analysis is its advantages. Using ArcSDE for database access, it simplifies data maintenance, broads the mission-critical geospatial data visit…
Key words: Database; Geographic information system; Oracle; ArcSDE; ArcGIS

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