The Study on the Floor Water Invasion Regularity in Coal Mining Based on the Mechanism of Fluid-mechanics Coupling

Abstract: According to the theories of fluid-mechanics coupling, Mechanics parameter of actual engineering were measure and test and the mathematical model was analyzed. The primary coverage of the paper as follows:1. Based on the researching of ancestors, the mechanism of fluid-mechanics coupling in mining water invasion was discussed detailedly, the train of thought. and the method in engineering application were discussed. ;2. The typical coal was made an experiment on, the parameter of physical appearance which were in contrast was tested in nature and in watery, the reference foundation was supplied to research fluid-mechanics in coal mining ;3. The method of numerical simulation was adopted, the problem of fluid-mechanics coupling in mining was researched systematically, which was in comparison with engineering practice and related data, the rationality of the existing theory and the mechanical control measure was inspected and verified, the safe and economical method of mining was seeked and investigated…
Key words: fluid-mechanics coupling; coal mining; the floor water invasion; numerical simulation; mining technical measure

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