The Characteristics of Granite Mass and Mineralization in the Outer Liner of Baishitouwa Tungsten Mineral Deposit, Taipusiqi City, Iner Mongolia

Abstract: Recent years, many large-medium scale poly-metal deposits were found in the north margin of North China Craton, such as Shazigou molybdenum poly-metal deposit, Baishimenwa gold poly-metal deposit and so on. And in the same metallogenic zone, through more than 20 years mining, the resources in Baishitouwa tungsten mineral deposit were nearly exhaustion. So it is very importance to study on the ore-controlling factors, regional metallogenic background and prospecting potentiality in this area.Based on the project of 1:10000 geological mapping and metallogenic prediction, conbined the multi-knowledge such as petrology, tectonics, mineralogy, economy geology, geochemistry, metallogenic prediction geology, mineral prospecting, the conclusion has been induced that there has been great prospecting potentiality in the area.Firstly, the regional geological characteristics is arranged for the breakthroughs and the stress field of regional evolvement has been analyzed, it is implied that the tectonic pattern today is mainly affected by the double stress of Siberia Plate slided toward North China Croton and Pacific Plate dived toward Eurasian Plate. So the geotectonic location in the area belongs to Xingmeng fold belt, and it determined the characteristics of litho-geochemistry, tectonic geochemistry and metallogeny.Secondly, the author discussed the regional geological characteristics, concluding strata, structure and magmatite, and emphasized on the granite geochemical feature, which was abundant of tungsten, gold, zinc and lead element and had high differentiation index, the granite is the host rock of the tungsten mineralization.Lastly, based on deeply analyzing the regional geological characteristics, the ore-controlling factors and mineral enrichment regularity have been found out. Meanwhile, the mineral deposit genesis and metallogenic model have been explained, and then the prospecting direction has been pointed out…
Key words: granite; geochemistry; the factors of controlling-ore; metallogenic model; metallogenic prediction; the north margin of North China Craton

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