Research on the Reform of Huangling Mine’s Empolyment Mode

Abstract: In recent years, more and more mining enterprises have recognized that employment patterns will not only affect their own construction model but also have a direct impact on the economic benefits of these enterprises. So, mining enterprises of our country have started to carry out a new type of diversified employment patterns step by step which is suitable for their development. By in-depth analyzing, we could find two main reasons: firstly, practice shows that outsourcing the non-core business by using the diversified employment patterns, such as the labor dispatch and business outsourcing, will be beneficial to spend more energy in the core business , improve their core competition, enhance their employment flexibility and reduce employment costs and risks. Secondly, the negative influence of finance storm and the implementation of Labor Contract Law leads to evident raise of the employment costs and risks in enterprises.So,in order to face this challenge,they have to re-examine the current employment system, change the concept of employment, establish a new employment pattern, for improving the employment benefits and avoiding the risk of employment. As the largest mine enterprises of lead and zinc election in Anhui province, Huangling mine has realized that its former employment pattern has obstructed its development in the current market and law environment. So, carrying out the reform of the employment pattern is imperative for itself in behalf of improving their core competition and the flexibility of the labor system, as well as reducing the labor costs in the greatest degree .Taking the "Labor Contract Law" as the research background, this paper based on the survey and analysis of the Huangling mine’s present employment pattern, and point out the reform scheme of employment pattern and the detailed implementation flow of two important employment form by taking the method of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Firstly, the paper smmarized the domestic and foreign research of the related theory on corporation employment mode; secondly, the article point out the employment problem of the Huangling mine and the necessity of employment pattern reform by investigating and analysing the historical evolution and the present situtation of Huangling mine’s employment form. Based on the former work, the paper elicit the influence degree of every position on the core competition of organization by position evaluation and educe the combination of employment form of four kinds of position in Huangling mine by the cost-benefit analysis, analysis of core competence and legal risk analysis, then take the method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on the theory of level relevance to determine the employment form of every specific position. Finally, combined with the practice of the mine, the paper put forward the implementation process of two kinds of employment form, the labor dispatch and business outsourcing in Huangling mine, and pointed out five safeguards in the reform of employment patterns to ensure the new employment model to implement sucessfully…
Key words: Huangling mine; The reform of the employment pattern; Evaluation of the position; Linked level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

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