Preparation and Characterization of Rare Earth Compound Oxide of Automobile Exhaust Catalyst

Abstract: Perovskite type catalysts LaCo1-2xMnxCuxO3 and La0.8Ce0.2Co1-2xMnxCuxO3 and conventional carrierγ-Al2O3 and new carrier mesoporous alumina were prepared to study activity of perovskite type rare earth compound oxide and effect of mesoporous alumina. In this articleγ-Al2O3 was prepared by hydrolyzation method. Its synthesis condition was optimized by the orthogonal experiment, and its thermostability has been enhanced after by using La(NO3)3. The result indicatedγ-Al2O3 has very big specific surface area (>300m2/g) and high thermostability. The mesoporous material has big pore volume and good superficial condensability characteristic. It has the important application prospect on catalysis field, therefore becomes the materials science the research hot spot. The mesoporous alumina was prepared by hydrothermal method and has studied the different template medicinal preparation to the synthesis the influence. The result indicated what used CTAB as the template has more complete hole structure and bigger specific surface area.Because of its special structure made perovskite type rare earth compound oxide become exhaust catalyst materials which have the most hope can replace noble metal three way catalysts. In perovskite A, B doping can appear the massive positive ions vacancy and the oxygen vacancy, so it become the exhaust catalysis material research’s hot spot. The article has synthesized perovskite catalyst LaCo1-2xMnxCuxO3 and La0.8Ce0.2Co1-2xMnxCuxO3 by using sol-gel method, which use Mn and Cu in LaCoO3 B position double doping. Through XRD, BET, DTA and catalyzed performance test, the article has systematic discussion and the research in two series compound oxide synthesis, the structure and the catalyzed performance on different carrier, and preliminary researches the catalyzed mechanism.The research indicates LaCo1-2xMnxCuxO3(x = 0.05,0.1,0.2) is the pure perovskite structure, belongs to the trigonal system. The space grouping is R 3m . The lattice constant a and the unit cell volume V increase with the doping measure x increment. Its catalytic activity of CO increases with the doping measure x increment. Its catalytic activity of C3H8 is the best when the dopin…
Key words: perovskite type rare earth compound oxide; mesoporous alumina; automobile exhaust; doping

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