Synthesis、Characterization and Fluorescence Properties of Rare Earth-Rare Earth and Rare Earth-Non-Rare Earth Mental Doped Complexes with Crown Ethers and p-Phthalic Acid

Abstract: Rare earth elements have practical applications in many fields due to their special electronic, spectroscopic and magnetic properties associated with the unique 4f~n electronic configuration, such as contrast agents for medical resonance imaging (MRI), fluorescent probes for analysis, luminescent stains for protein and amino acids labeling, sensitive homogeneous immunoassays, precursor of semiconductor and catalysts for the selective cleavage of RNA and DNA et al. So the synthesis 、 design and property researching of rare earth materials are of great interest at present.So in this dissertation, eighteen solid complexes of two series of hetero-nuclear Eu(or Tb)-rare earth perchlorate with crown ethers an…
Key words: rare earth complex; crown ether; p-phthalic acid; doped; fluorescence intensity; fluorescence lifetimes

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