Preparation with Microemulsion Reactor and Application in Clearing Oil on the Water of Fe_3O_4 Magnetic Fluid

Abstract: The magnetic fluid is a colloidal solution that consists of magnetic nanometer particles coated with surfactants and a base liquid. It is a kind of magnetic material in which the nanometer magnetic particles are dispersed in the base liquid homogeneously. It has a series of distinctive and excellent properties that the other magnetic materials do not possess, because the magnetic fluid has flow ability and superparamagnetism. It is important in high-tech materials and in widely used in the field of high and new-type technology such as aviation and space flight, electronic technology, chemical industry, information technology, biology and medicine, etc. The Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid is prepared with microemulsion reactor and simulated to clear the oil on the water in this paper. The theories and technologies of surface and colloid chemistry, magnetism and material science have been used in the preparation and simulation experiment of Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid. The optimal preparation conditions of W/O microemulsion have been found by mean of the conductance character of W/O microemulsion. The optimal conditions, including of the best kind of surfactant and cosurfactant and the proportion of surfactant to cosurfactant, must be investigated. Meanwhile, the optimal preparation conditions of W/O microemulsion have also been found by pseudoternary phase diagrams (PPD). And the results, from the measurement of conductance and PPD, are almost identical. Additionally the Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid is synthesized in virtue of the W/O microemulsion reactor. The influence factors of preparation Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid are studied in the reactant proportion, the reactant concentration, the reaction mode, the reaction temperature and the reaction time. Finally the excellent preparation conditions of Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid are achieved. The experiment results show that, in the single microemulsion, the proportion of Fe~(2+) and Fe~(3+) is 2:3, the concentration of NaOH is 2mol·L-1, the reaction temperature is 30℃and the reaction time is 5h. The Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid is simulated to clear the oil on the water. The result shows that the 0# diesel oil can interblend with the Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid, and they move directionally together in the magnetic field. Consequently the Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid may be used to clear the oil on the water. In a word, the operation process of preparation of Fe3O4 magnetic fluid by means of microemulsion reactor is simpler than the tradition method. The average particle diameter of Fe3O4 magnetic fluid is about 30nm and the Fe3O4 magnetic fluid has excellent stability properties and good magnetism…
Key words: microemulsion; magnetic nanoparticle; Fe_3O_4 magnetic fluid; clearing oil

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