Analysis of Several Flavonoids by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Application

Abstract: In vegetables and fruits,quercetin,kaempferol,isorhamntin et and their derivations are widely presentln this dissertation we have selected four flavonoids(quercetin,kaempferol, myricetin and morin) which have similar structural flavonoid compounds.The analysis method of HPLC-MS was applied to determine whether flavonoid aglycones consisted in the sample or not.It may also be applied to the determination of other flavonoid aglycones by their UV spectral and mass spectrometric date,and by comparison with literature date.On the basis of this, archetypal flavonoid compounds were determinated.And then we have developed a method for the determination of several flavonoids in practical samples.Applying above-mentioned HPLC to analyse flavonoids in the onion,and two flavonoids in the onion were isolated and prepared by semi-preparative HPLC,1 .Establish the method of analyse several flavonoid compounds by HPLC.2. HPLC and HPLC-MS are applied to the quantification and qualification determination of flavonoid aglycones in the onion.The proper hydrolysis condition was given by orthogonal experimentAnd determine the content of quercetin in two group onion.3. Analyse the structure of flavonoid compounds and possible structure by HPLC/D AD/MS.4. Two main flavonoids in the onion were isolated and prepared by semi-preparative HPLC at the first time(purity more than 98%). And their structure were elucidated through UV,IR,MS,NMR techniques.One was identified as 3,5,7,3',4'-pentahydraoxy-flavone(namely quercetin),and the other one was identified quercetin-4'-glucoside…
Key words: Flavonoids; HPLC; HPLC/D AD/MS; Onion; separation and preparation

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