Preparation and Characteriation of Nano-SiO_2/Epoxy Coating with Zinc Particles

Abstract: Nanoparticles zinc-rich epoxy coating is prepared by nanoparticles、zinc particles and epoxy resin.After add nanoparticles into coating,the coating can get special Characteristics from nanoparticles. The main perpose of adding zinc particles is to improve the anti-corrosion performance of coating.Compared with steel, the chemical potential of zinc is low.So zinc particles, as Sacrificial anode, play an important role in protect Fe-based body from being eroded. At the same time,lamellar zinc particles play a role of Barrier role with the big ratio of size and thick.This paper mainly studies Preparation and Characterization of composites coating. After add nanoparticles and zinc particles,the Mechanical properties and Anti-corrosion properties of coating can be improved.The research contains the following aspects:According to scattered efficiency of the modified nanoparticles, choose the best composite modifiers, and determine the amount of modifiers.Through the infrared analysis of the modified nanoparticles, prove that the surface of nanoparticles are effectively modified. Analyze the structure of composite coating with the use of infrared analysis.Using DSC analysis, study non-isothermal curing kinetics of composite coating. With the use of different analysis method,study activation energy and reaction order, and supply reference to the curing reaction.Through SEM method, study notched impact cross-section shape of the sample, study the scattered results of nanoparticles in resin matrix .Through EIS method, study the anti-corrosion performance of the composite coating.Study the mechanical properties and solvent resistance performance of the composite coating.Through this research ,determine the best optimum dosage of fillers and the best preparation process of composite coating…
Key words: nano-SiO_2; lamellar zinc particles; epoxy resin; composite coating; anticorrosion

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