Preperation and Properties of Water-Borne Epoxy Resin Modified Acrylate Anti-Rust Coating

Abstract: Acrylate emulsion is one of the most important research directions in coating field, and it is well known for its good adhesivity and anticorrosion properties. Epoxy resin modified acrylate emulsion with core-shell structure was prepared through pre-emulsified seeded polymerization process. Mixing emulsion, pigments and auxiliaries, water-borne anti-rust coating were produced.Through emulsion conventional performance test and the orthogonal experiment, the optimal formula and process parameters were determined: The mass ratio of soft and hard monomer is 3:4; the mass ratio of the mixing emulsifier is 4:1; the emulsifier is 2 percent of monomer; the initiator is 0.4 percent of monomer;the reacting temperature is 83℃;the stirring speed is 270r/min.Emulsion prepared and optional conditions is characterized. Results are as following : TG test shows that temperature of the largest loss weight is 178℃; transmission electron microscopy shows that size of acrylate emulsion arrange from 125nm to 155nm, and demonstrats acrylate emulsion present core-shell structure.Through emulsion performance test and the optial experiment, the formula of water-borne epoxy resin modified acrylate coating was determined, the concrete formula is: Emulsion is 45g; iron oxide is 12.5g; frencu chalk is 11.5g; zincphosphate is 10g; zinc orin is 8g; wetting agent is 3g; dispersant agent is 1.1g; defoamer agent is 0.3g. Coating conventional performance test results showed that the water-borne epoxy resin modified acrylate coating had excellent properties. Chemical reagents resistant test results: The surface coating had no change after being emerged for 2600h in 30% sulfuric acid solution or 10% sodium hydroxide; the surface coating had no blistering, peeling and rusting after being emerged for 970h in the salt spray test. Results shows that epoxy resin modified acrylate emulsion with core-shell structure prepared by pre-emulsified seeded polymerization proces and water-borne anti-rust coating had excellent properties…
Key words: Acrylate; Anti-rust coating; Metal corrosion

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