Development of Phenolic Curing Agents Curing System Epoxy Powder Coating

Abstract: The thesis reviewed the development of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating and the related manufacture technique and equipment, discussed the theory of modification of the main material of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating, the mechanism and method of synthesis for phenolic curing agents for epoxy resins.In this thesis, a new phenolic curing agents of high activity was synthesized successfully, a new epoxy powder coating used for the gas pipeline was put up with the agent, the main factors of effecting the properties of epoxy powder coating were studied systematically, and a kinetic equation for cuing process for phenolic curing agents was built up with kinetic parameters obtained experimentally.The work of the thesis provided a very useful basis for further research and development of the epoxy powder coating specialized for applications in gas pipelines…
Key words: powder coating; epoxy resin; phenolic curing agents; kinetics for curing process

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