Preparation of Nano-SiO_2/Styrene-Acrylate Emulsion and Latex Paint

Abstract: Water paint technology have been development for the past 30 years, latex paint especially the exterior paint is very popular at present as the environmental consciousness raise increasingly, It is inexorable trend for building coating development using water paint as exterior coating, Applied the nano-technology in coating can remarkable improve coating’s qualities.A preparation technology of nano-SiO2 /styrene-acrylate emulsion by method of polymerization under the modified nano-SiO2 with silane coupling reagent existing was researched. With surface modified SiO2 nano-particles as nuclei acrylates as co-polymerization monomer, nano- SiO2/acrylates composite emulsion with normal nucleolus/shell structure was synthesized by the processing of seed emulsion polymerization,the ratio of raw material and technology were determined by theorical research as well as a lot of experiments.Making up nano-composite coatings, the improvement of its properties has been tested. TEM shows that the dispersing of nano- SiO2 is favorable and the particle size become smaller .IR indicates that the surface with anti-water of nano-SiO2 be gotten, there is a bond(Si-O)between silane coupling reagent and hydroxyl of nano-SiO2 .Particle size distribution reveals that the content of nano-SiO2 is increasing, particle size distribution of emulsion is narrower. Surfactants were sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS)and capryl phenyl polyoxy ethylene ether(OP-10),the ratio is 2:1(Wt), the initiator concentration is 0.25g; that can get calcium ion and mechanic integrate stabilization.With wet-abrasion and aging resistance studied, when quantity concentration of the commercial nano-SiO2 is 10% , the paints has been improved。And the nano-composite coatings contrasts with ordinary coatings, the results show that nano-composite coatings’ properties are highten than ordinary coatings’The structures and properties of acrylate copolymer have been characterized by means of DSC, TEM, and the properties of latexes paints have been determined according to Standards for Testing Exterior Latex House Paints. The test results indicate <WP=6>that the silylated emulsions have no gel over a year period of ambient storage. The compositions have greatly surpassed the properties including water-resistance,weather durability and adhesion force…
Key words: nano-SiO2; modified; latex paint; styrene-acrylate emulsion

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