Study on Water-soluble Epoxy Coatings at Ambient Temperature Curing

Abstract: Along with the heightening sence of environmental protection , the coatings with low volatilization-organic compounds(VOC) or without VOC are increasingly needed . But at present most of epoxy resin coatings are solvent-type coatings, which contain a mass of VOC , toxicity and flammability etc , so they are harmful to the environment and human beings . In internatinol aspect, waterborne coatings are a new-type coating which has the higher yield and demand . According to the requestment of environmental protection , the waterborne coatings contain few VOC, lower toxicity, no danger of fire disaster, simple loding, security and healthy characteristics.In this paper, the water-borne epoxy resin coating is comprised of epoxy resin emulsion and a epoxy resin latent curing . The epoxy resin emulsion is prepared by chemical modification and self-emulsify . The water-borne epoxy resin latent curing is prepared by modified polyamide , so the water-borne epoxy resin coatings at ambient temperature curing have good compatibility.The waterborne epoxy resin coatings prepared in this way were determined, the results showed that the coatings have excellent adherence, high rigidity, preferable impact and flexibility …
Key words: chemical modification; epoxy resin; waterborne coating; preparation

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