Modification of the Epoxy Resin and Study on the Water-Based Epoxy Anti-Corrosion Coating

Abstract: The present thesis centers on discussing the preparation technology of water-based epoxy resin emulsion through partial modification of epoxy resin and introduction of carboxyl by sodium glutamate. Through characterization of the structure of modified epoxy resin by IR, results show that the sodium glutamate have reaction with epoxy resin . A series of modified water-based epoxy resin has been developed through controlling mass-ratio > reaction temperature and reaction time. The property of the modification of epoxy resin was examined by contact angular and surface energy. The optimum modification condition of resin epoxy is determined by experiment.The water-based epoxy anti-corrosion coatings consists of Aluminum-Magnesium-Zinc alloy powder and the modified water-based epoxy emulsion. The influences of curing agent, pigment volume concentration (PVC) and coating thickness on the features of the coating are discussed. The curing mechanism of the water-based epoxy anti-corrosion coatings is described. The specimens coated with the modified coating were examined by routine property testing , potential monitoring, salt spray testing and AC impedance testing. Problems occurred in coating process and corresponding solutions are discussed. Th…
Key words: epoxy resin; modification; anti-corrosion ; water-based coatings; Al-Mg-Zn alloy powder

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