Preparation and Evaluation on the Characteristics of Ti-base Metal Oxide Anode Coating Doped with Rare Earth

Abstract: Ti-base Metal oxide Anode coatings doping with Rare Earth were prepared by means of adulterating and grads mesosphere .Anode coatings prepared by such means were compared with anode coatings prepared by traditional means in construct and various properties.The paper discussed the electrochemistry properties of anode coating doping with Ir Sn Co Ce La elements .The results indicated that: (1) Chlorine evolution of anode coating was heightened a little,but anode life increased more than double.(2)Doping suitable Rare Earth Ce(0.3),La(0.5) can reduce potention chlorine evolution,and doping La(0.5) potential chlorine evolution was lower than Ce(0.3).(3)The mechanism of reduce potential chlorine evolution is that doping suitable Rare Earth can reduce interface resistance between anode and solution;XRD testing indicated that La exist in coating as LaRuO3. (4)The best preparation process of anode coating doping with Rare earth is :450℃, coating 15 times.The effects of interlayer to electrochemistry properties and surface of anode coating were also investigated. The results indicated that anode coating with interlayer have more difference between potential chlorine evolution and potential oxygen evolution ,less coating crack and longer anode life.On the basic of above work, Ti-base Metal oxide Anode coatings which properties is excellent ,were prepared by means of combining doping Rare Earth and Ir element with grads .Through testing structure,surface,properties of anode coating and so on,it is indicated that:(l)Anode coating prepared by grads means had more thin and shorter cracks than that prepared by tradition coating means,which is be propitious to increase anode life;(2) RuIrTiLa prepared by grads means had the same excellence of low chlorine evolution compared with prepared by tradition coating.It is indicated that the elements of coating surface is very important for property of electro-catalyze react which had nothing with elements inner anode coating.(3)Anode life is about 40h,which is more than double of anode life prepared by traditional means in . It validated that the structure of more thin and shorter cracks prepared by grads means having longer life.(4) The fixed-point surface constitution scan(EDX) of Anode coating indicated that elements were uniformity in coating,which account for solution coating means was adapt to prepared anode coating. (5) EIS simulated with Rs (R1Q1) (R2Q2) L.The measurement simulated very well,which indicate Rs (R1Q1) (R2Q2) L was suitable…
Key words: Electrolystic anti-fouling; Anode coatings; DSA; Metal Oxide; Rare Earth; Grads means; Interlayer

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