Marine Antifouling Coating of Organosilicon Modified Acrylate/nano-SiO_2

Abstract: Traditional marine antifouling coatings are harmful to marine environment and people health for toxicity. On the International Maritime Organization(IMO) congregation in 1999, Maritime Environment Protection Committee(MEPC) pointed out that organic stannum and its ramification would be forbidden in January 1,2008. So the ship industry needs a kind of new-style nontoxic and efficient antifouling coating. To achieve this purpose, low surface energy antifouling coating was designed and invented.Halobios is restrained from attaching to the hull by antifouling coating with low surface energy, while especially there is no waste and toxin to release. Halobios can be restrained from attaching to the hull for a long time. So it can meet environmental requirement and become a focus in the field of marine coating. But it is very difficult to have good mechanics function and antifouling capability if we use organic polymer resin simply. The low surface energy antifouling coating was prepared by spreading nano-SiO_2 into acrylic resin altered by organic silicon as main made-membrane material. The results showed that the coating can get excellent performances and low surface energy . The result of IR showed that polymerization reaction occurred completely between organic silicon and acrylate as expected. The molecular weight of the resin polymerized showed that molecular weight is moderate and distributing is narrow. These results showed that the requirement of thermoplastic film was meet very well. At the same time the resin could be used as film forming matter when the content of solvent and organic silicon were 51 -45% and 9-11% while ratio of soft monomer to rigid one was 48:51-45:54. The rim angle between film and liquid reach the biggest-150°and adhesion reach one grade while the film's antifouling performance is the best when we use filling-3 and the content of dispersing agent-3~# is 0.69%,quomodo of filling-up and quomodo of filling is 1 and 8+4.5. When the content of nano- SiO_2 is 5.5-8%,the performance of coating is very well.There was no reported about this type of antifouling coating whose rim angle can reach 150°and adhesion reach one grade using acrylic resin altered by organic silicon as main made-membrane material…
Key words: organic silicon; acrylate; nano-SiO_2; low surface energy

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