The Strength and Reliability Analysis for the Disc Separator’s Drum

Abstract: The paper uses the ANSYS Software to analyze the 2-D stress and 3-D stress of the Disc Separator's drum. In the process of the 2-D stress analysis, according to the actual situation, it uses the contact-element model to analyze the 2-D stress of the parts of the separator s drum as a whole. It can avoid the error which caused by analyze the 2-D stress of the part singly. In the paper, it takes the pretension into account, and the results are reasonable. It uses the Sub-model to analyze the 3-D stress of holes of the drum. It can improve the precision and shorten the run-time and save the space of hard disk. On the other hand, it uses the APDL which ANSYS contains to apply the load of water which manipulates the separator and the load which causes by the material in the process of the 2-D stress and 3-D stress of the separator's drum analysis.Now people take more important in the reliability of the separator, the rotating speed of the drum is keen to the stress of the drum. In the paper, it uses Monte Carlo-FEM to analyze the effect of the screw thread and the hole of the drum, and receive the reliability…
Key words: Disc Separator; Strength analysis of the drum; Reliability analysis; ANSYS

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