Study on the Water Resources Dynamic Management Information System Based on COMGIS

Abstract: A new concept has been put forward since the rising of the component software technology. The use of component GIS has provided opportunities for the innovation and improvement of various GIS application systems. Component GIS is a kind of application of object-oriented technology and component software technology in GIS software development. It properly abstracts GIS functions and provides them to users as components, which makes it take on many advantages than the traditional GIS lack. Therefore, it provides completely new idea to solve the problems the traditional GIS faces.In this paper, in order to realize the water resources dynamic management information system (WRDMIS) based on ComGIS, I introduced the current situation of water resources management, the development of Geographical Information System, the current research hot topics and the dominance of component GIS. And the current application of GIS in water resources management was expounded. Furthermore, the design of database was analyzed in detail, with the techniques of component, spatial analysis and numeric simulating being studied. The water resources dynamic management information system that uses modularization framework on the basis of resorting and analyzing current materials may be developed by integration of basic information management, computer graphics programming, groundwater resources assessment and management. The system woul…
Key words: component GIS; water resources management; spatial analysis; numeric simulating; database

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