Study on Some Questions about GNa Retarder

Abstract: In this paper, the types and characteristics of concrete retarders, the actualities and development trends of its researches and application in home and abroad were introduced in detail. The application actualities and problems existed in glucose-acid Na as concrete retarter were also analysed.By using the mono-factor experiments, the influences of the Moore ratio of monomers, the reaction time and temperature in every stage etc. on the performances of glucose -acid Na were studied systematically;The reasons of each parameter influencing on the matrix liquid were analyzed. Finally, the optimal synthetic technology parameters of glucose -acid Na were obtained. The use of optimal synthesizing technology in industry is able to improve not only the production efficiency, but also the cost. The gained achievements have a certain guiding significance for the industrial production of glucose -acid Na.It indicates that glucose -acid Na has plasticize to concrete and then preceeds to accelerate the setting of concrete with the increase of its doses. In addition glucose -acid Na has improvement to concrete were studied. Especially in HPC it is that the promoting of glucose -acid Na added into the superplasticizers can highly improves the strength of concrete. It's appropriate doses is 0.03%~0.07% of cement. When the doses is more than 0.1%,strength can't improve due to retard gravely.Finally, method of estimating pumping agent's setting time were also researched. The results show that the curve of cement' setting time- glucose -acid Na' mixed quantity determined according to criterion GB8077-2000 and concrete' setting time-glucose -acid Na' mixed quantity determined according to criterion JC473-2001 is near. Concrete' setting time is 3.5hours、 4.5hours later than cement' early and final setting time…
Key words: glucose -acid Na; synthesizing technology; performance; setting time; strength

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