Modification of Carbon Fiber Paper for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Abstract: Gas Diffusion Layer is now used effectively as electrode substrate to support the catalyst, conduct current and allow gases to pass through in proton exchange membrane fuel cell. So gas diffusion layer is a very important component in proton exchange membrane fuel cell.In this paper, the home-made carbon fiber paper was improved to make it reach the demand of the gas diffusion layer by the process of impregnation with phenolic resin and mesophase pitch, molding, carbonization and graphitization. The essential properties of carbon fiber paper: thickness, density, porosity, permeability, specific resistivity and tensile strength, were characterized. And the surface morphology and crystal structure were analyzed. Besides, the mechanism of enhancing electrical conductivity and tensile strength were speculated. The paper prepared was finally impregnated with PTFE emulsion and endued with hydrophobicity.The result showed that the molding temperature and pressure, carbonizin…
Key words: proton exchange membrane fuel cell; carbon fiber paper; gas diffusion layer; mesophase pitch

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