The Development of Modern Science and Technology and the Transformation of the Ways of Thinking

Abstract: At present,On the relevance of science and technology and the ways of thinking,the requirements for change the ways of thinking by modern science and technology and the new trends,new features of the modern ways of thinking and so on,the domestic and foreign scholars have done a number of useful explorations,but there are varying degrees of limitations.Based on this,the author studies the above-mentioned issues systematically and comprehensively with comparative and analytic methods,system theory approach and combining the theory and empirical methods.The author considers that the inevitability of change in the ways of thinking is a reflection of historical inevitability and the historical inevitability decides the necessity of transformation of the ways of thinking as a social consciousness.From the ancient to the modern,the ways of thinking experience the transformation from the intuitive and overall ways of thinking,the mechanical ways of thinking to the dialectical and materialistic ways of thinking.This article holds that the relationship between science and technology and the ways of thinking, mainly reflects in the rigid effect of science and technology on the ways of thinking and the flexible effect of the ways of thinking on science and technology.Science and technology change the ways of thinking and the transformation major embodies in the shaping process of the ways of thinking by the scientific revolution and the technological revolution.Modern science and technology have had a profound impact on the subject,object and the tools of the ways of thinking,and thus the ways of thinking which adapt to the modern science and technology have get a great development.The modern ways of thinking form a group which was led by systems thinking,open thinking,creative thinking and the advanced ways of thinking,and takes humanistic thinking,network-based thinking,divergent thinking,the difference of thinking,reverse thinking and the associated ways of thinking as the subsidiary. With the continuous development of the third scientific and technological revolution, which marked by information technology,biotechnology and space technology,the modern ways of thinking takes on a new development trend,which as evidenced by a new group consisting of ecological thinking,virtual thinking and the "STS" ways of thinking…
Key words: science and technology; the ways of thinking; transformation

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