Research on the Producing and Mechanical Character of Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4 Laminated Ceramic

Abstract: Laminated ceramic is a kind of high strength, high toughness ceramics developed from pearl and shell. Due to its remarkable toughen effect, laminated ceramic has become a hotspot in current days. In this paper, Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4 laminated ceramic was aimed to be studied with the analysis of the microstructure and the mechanical character, under the route of“ball milling of powders—tape casting—vent of water and glue—hot-press sintering”. In this paper, the samples of the Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4 laminated ceramics were prepared with the thickness of each layer is controlled within 190μm. The relationship of the process, microstructure and mechanical property of the Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4 laminated ceramics was studied.Ceramic matrix film was fabricated with the method of the tape casting. Compact ceramic with good properties can be fabricated by the way of optimizing the components of the slurry and controlling the velocity and drying time of the tape casting rationally. Organic substances can be wiped off by calcined in air. Hot-press sintering were used to fabricate Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4 laminated ceramic. In the condition of the hot-press sintering experiment, which is designed to be in the pressure of 25 MPa and in the temperature of 1490℃, 1590℃, 1690℃separately, three kinds of ceramics are obtained, among which the density of the ceramic under the temperature of 1590℃is 3.58g/cm3, which was the highest. The laminated ceramic under 1590℃is proved to be better in properties and microstructure than the samples produced in the other two condition by the analysis of SEM and EDS…
Key words: Al_2O_3-ZrO_2/Si_3N_4; laminated ceramics; tape casting; hot-press sintering; microstructure

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