The Research and Design on Information System of Forest Resources Management Based on WebGIS

Abstract: As the material base of human survival and development, Forest resources are more and more concerned with the rapid national economic development in recent years. The effective and timely understanding of forest resource situation and variation would greatly help forest resource managers to make timely and scientific forest management measures.WebGIS is a frontier technology combining Internet/Intranet technology and www technology. It is developed through the improvement and expansion of stand-alone GIS systems. By making full use of the internet, WebGIS sends information to users all around the world and sets up a bridge between GIS information providers and users. Introducing WebGIS technology into the traditional forest resource management to improve the management efficiency is the aim of this study. The study would provide scientific basis for future efficient information services and scientific decision-making, achieve the modernization and scientization of forest resource management.Based on theories, this paper explored the WebGIS network system, describes the principles and associated technologies of WebGIS technologies in detail, introduces the features and architectures of Geodatabase and ArcSDE, and discusses the interaction process of the client side and server side of ArcGIS Server in combination with the actual demand of modern forest resource management development. Badaling Forest Resources Inventory was used as the data source. The spatial data model——Geodatabase and the spatial database engine——ArcSDE was adopted to achieve the integrated management of spatial data (including vector data and raster data) and attribute data, system security and high efficiency. Based on that, the AcrGIS Server platform was used to establish the Beijing Forest Resources Management Information System (B/S), achieving the functions such as producing thematic maps, auxiliary audit, spatial analysis, etc.. The system can meet the new needs of forest resource management, improve the management efficiency of forest resources, provide an effective, advanced and scientific for decision makers, and offer technical support for the sustainable development of forest resources…
Key words: WebGIS; Forest resource management; Spatial Database

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