Automatic Monitoring of the Stability for Reference Station Network and Time Series Analysis

Abstract: Continuously Operating Reference Stations service for the users of different types, different needs and different levels. Replacing the conventional measurement of the control network,it provides a set of dynamic reference points which are permanent and updated continuously .However, the observations of GPS contain a lots of systematic errors and accidental errors. According to different users and differdent objectives ,different requirements with the accuracy and stability of it's solutions will be proposed. Wo are great concern with the stability of the reference station network.So it is meaningful to discuss its stability and the law of its changes .Beacause of the dispersion of all the Reference Stations and the large data across all the network, if processing those data by hand, a lot of manpower and material resources will be consumed. First of all the author study on how to automatically process the data of network, and deeply on the file structure and program structure of the BERNESE4.2 and the checking function with data quality of the TEQC.and so on.Than, the author develops a auto-processing system for the network. This part base on some processing modules of TEQC and BERNESE4.2 to check, repair and automatically calculate the large amounts of data.Then, for large numbers of network data stored by the reference stations,the author develops the modules for data-analysising and data-visualizing based on SAS(Statistcal analysis system).With the long-term data series on Reference Stations Network the system analysis the stability of coordinate about all the network,and creates the visualizing interface for the data sequence .And the results of analysis can be inquired visualy in system.Based on the building of auto-monitoring and auto-analysing system,author study on the buiding of the system using the data whitch form 2008.1 to 2008.3. Based on TEQC, BERNESE4.2 and the SAS the system is composed with the following several main modules: the module for automatically downloading and updating the IGS data;the module for auto-detectivation ;the module for auto-processing;the module for auto-analysising of the long-term data;the module for auto-mapping,and so on.This paper discusses the theory of reference station networks,and describes in detail the function and the realization of each module and how to build the integrated system with each module…
Key words: Continuously operating reference station network; TEQC; BERNESE4.2; Automatic monitoring of the stability; Time series analysis; Visualization

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