Water Resources Assessment and Research of Information Management System Based on GIS in Yulin City

Abstract: Water resource is the essential resource for human being’s production and life, and important environmental resources to the survival of biology as well. To implement the sustainable use of water resources, and bring water resources into play the benefits on economic, social, ecological is an important task for the current time and for a long time in the future. Carried out assessment in water resources,is the gist of sustainable water resources development and utilization ,and also the premise which water-related project planning,design and operation of the management based on. Therefore, to put the water resources assessment into effect have an important theoretic and practical meaning.In this discourse, while in-depth study of water resources assessment at home and abroad on the theory and methods, make the water resources assessment and evaluation of the quantity,qulity and carrying capacity in Yulin city. Using spatial analysis, overlay analysis, grid analysis and thematic maps function of Access 2003 with the combination of SuperMap Deskpro, build the basis of data and information base of the water resources assessment in Yulin City; research and development Information Management System for water resources assessment based on the VB SuperMap Object Technology.The results show that: (1) in Yulin City, the average of surface water resources for many years was 2.29 billion m~3, groundwater resources was 2.48 billion m~3,and the total amount of water was 3.2 billion m~3, the development and utilization of surface water was 1.02 billion m~3, groundwater exploitable capacity was 750 million m~3, while at present it has been explored for 392 million m~3,so the rest of the surface water resources and groundwater resources is 239 million m~3,which shows that water resources still has some potential for development in Yulin City. Water quality from the point of view the whole Yulin city, its surface water bodies subjected to various degrees of pollution, most of typeⅢ~Ⅴwater, shallow groundwater is better, but in some areas, such as flow area Dingbian salinity is as high as 20g / l, water poor. (2) through the use of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluate the bearing capacity of water resources in Yulin City, Yulin city had become the scale of the development of water resources, but there are still some potential for development. Looking from various administrative areas, Hengshan County, Jingbian County and Shenmu County have big degree of membership for the V_2 level, which indicated that the water resources development&utilization of these three administrative areas have had the suitable scale, if it develops continually, the water resources shortage will be presented possibly. We must have a further study on the countermeasure to enhance the water resources supporting capacity. Fugu County, Wubu county and Jia County have big degree of membership for the V1 level, which indicated that the water resources of these three administrative area still have the developed potential, and the water supply situation is quite optimistic. Dingbian County, Suide County, the Mizhi County, Zizhou County, Yuyang District, Qingjian County have relatively big degree of membership for the V_2 level, which indicated that the water resources development&utilization of these six administrative areas have had a scale, but it still has a certain development&utilization potential, and the water supply has a certain safeguard which can bear the weight of the further development of the region’s society and economy. (3) it is feasible that through the technical of the combination of Visual Basic and SuperMap to get the evaluation of the development of water resources information management systems , and it is Conducive to improving the efficiency of the evaluation in regional water resources ,which also provids new methods, and new ways for the evaluation of water resources information management…
Key words: Yulin City; water resources assessment; GIS; SuperMap; water resources carrying capacity

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