Research on Course Reform of Engineering Advanced Mathematics in Schooling Length Reform of Advanced Technology Education

Abstract: The reform of length of schooling of advanced technology education we refer to is mainly the shortening of schooling period. Namely "transit three-year-length advanced technology education to two years". Shortening three-year to two-year is a great reform in advanced technology education, which involves the problems of education cost, education management and employment etc.It is stated in the thesis that higher mathmatics is an important compulsory course to every major in vocational college, the teaching of advanced mathematics must handle a series of problems such as: the linking up with secondary school mathematics and content of relevant course, comparatively less class time and significantly more content, knowledge instruction and ability fostering and the relation of teaching demand of advanced technology education and difference of students' level. If only these problems could be handled, the major service function and quality fostering function of advanced mathematics could be played better in advanced technology education.Based on the research findings of precedents, firstly, the thesis analyzes the background on which the reform of length of schooling is brought forward. It analyzed from the respects of policy and international background and the neccessity and feasibility of "transiting three-year to two" of school length of vocational college. Then, it dissects the situation of "Higher Mathmatics" and the problems exsiting in the advanced technology teaching. The reform of school length has profound influence in aspects such as whether opening up "Higher Mathmatics" in major cultivating scheme, the amount of class hours, the teaching content, the teacher(the notion of teaching,teaching methodology,) and the assessment of students etc.Secondly, the thesis brings forward the strtegies to cope with the influence, including the idea and mothods of teaching, arrangement of the cirriculum of mathmatics, textbooks and ways of examing. The thesis has pinpointed the arrangement of the cirriculum of mathmatics. The above tactics have been examined in the school I worked through teaching examinations. First hand datas and primary achievment have been acquired.As far as I am concerned, it is necessary to open up "Higher Mathmatics" in every major in advanced technology institute. Not only is it decided by the instumental character of mathmatics knowledge, but also the training of mathmatics thinking contribute to the cultivation of mathmatics quality. Mathmatics knowledge might not be often utilized in one's lifetime, however, the analyzing ability of mathmatics thinking may provide students solid basis in multi-occupation.I also agree that mathmatics quality is the most fundamental quality in the cultivation of "high quality". Therefore, the course of mathmatics should not only be opened up, but also its subject feature should be adhered. The cultivation object of "high quality and high proficiency"of advanced technology can be attained through the study of principles, theorems-and formulas.On the management system of maths teachers, I suggest that maths teachers be divided to every department. And every large major appoints a maths teacher to be the leading cadre of the course of "Higher Mathmatics" so as to catch up with the construction of engineering specialities…
Key words: reform of schooling length; advanced technology; engineering specialities; advanced mathematics; course

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