The Thinking in Building an Object-Oriented GIS Database and Its Application in Urban Flood Information System

Abstract: The Geographic Information Systems Database technology is an integral part of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), it is one standard for evaluating a GIS and determines the implementation of the system's functions. By introducing and analyzing the functions, the data requirements, the methods for system development and the data processing of the Flood Information System For Shantou City (STFIS), this dissertation provides a basic thinking in building an Object-Oriented GIS Database that can be used as a normal mode for a great GIS application. It dissertates from many points of view for a GIS database such as data characters, data framework, data Model and basic methods for database design in detail, with discussing the applications of fundamentals of traditional database systems and advanced database technologies for building a GIS database. Meanwhile, it discusses the methods for implementing this thinking in the STFIS, with analyzing the relationship of the system database and the construction solutions, together with the main functions of the system and the mechanism of data processing for spatial analysis of the STFIS…
Key words: Geographic Information Systems; Database; Object-Oriented Data Model; Database Design; Urban Flood Information Systems; Spatial Analysis

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