The Processing and Transmission of Data from DGPS Reference Station

Abstract: The precision of traditional GPS standard positioning is not satisfied, it is limited within 10-15 meters even though SA has been canceled.Differential Global Position Systems have been developed greatly.Differential GPS has become the prime and essential positioning system for many applications.This paper introduces the principles of the Differential Global Position Systems.clarifies the arithmetic of the pseudo-range DGPS.By the high-class differential reference station receiver called JAVAD Receiver which being used in our laboratory now,some necessary work has been done:Data digging from JAVAD Receiver;Data decoding,Data encoding,and Data transmission through the Net and PC serial port;Further more, the GPS Receiver interface language has been analyzed to control differential reference station receiver.Two ordinary OEM board have been used for testing the effect when PRC works, The test is successful,thereby,using this technology,we can make the economy DGPS receiver by ordinary OEM board.There also introduces the Decode format of the RTK message offered by Base station in this paper to prepare for the expanding of application in future…
Key words: DGPS; JAVAD Receiver ; Decode; Encode; OEM

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