The Application of System Thinking in Innovative Biology Teaching Pattern

Abstract: Recent years, innovative educational reform has been recognized as the focal point of the reform of structure of education of our country. Innovative talents need to possess innovation ability and innovative consciousness, So we should pay attention to the ability to train student's innovative thinking among the teaching activity.System thinking is a kind of method framework to analysis and research and solve complicated system problem. It is a kind of whole trend pondering method to analysis and integrat feedback information outside or inside of the system and non-linear characteristic and influence of time delay. It offers one tool to simplify difficult to understand trends complicated problem to be easy to understand, and describes complicated interdynamic relation and form of change, and helps us to understand the simple structure that imply behind complicated incident, and has drawn the new road understanding true world for people.This paper makes some helpful explorations, to the relevant problem of biotechnology teaching, We use the system thinking and software ( STELLA) to carry on the application of a series of teaching. The origin of life is still is a unopened riddle in nature. Scientist always simulate, research universe evolution, such as chemistry evolution, biology evolution. A lot of scholars carry on hard research interestedly, and have made a lot of important achievements. Origin of life and evolvement is one course that involves widely, theory and view of evolvement have permeated each biological field already, and at the same time absorb and synthesize the research results of each discipline in biology, and link all relevant disciplines of biology. So, it is very important to learn this course well.This paper simulate oxidation- deoxidize reaction, o enzyme catalysis and the origin of life .The STELLA mode of oxidation- deoxidize reactioncan help student understand chemistry reaction in integer, train student understand correlation from the all and the one .STELLA simulation help us to research enzyme catalysis promoter stable state former dynamics, and to observe the basic measure of the whole response or some response directly , and offer effective datum that can be used to analysis complicated response mechanism, because of too many relevant disputes of origin of life , to introduce student various kinds of theories maximally, we use STELLA software to imitate , strive to give students the ultimate thinking space, make them to be able to verify their idea in the models. In this course, teachers and students can observe the result and test the theory through simulation, learn what to happen when the former hypothesis and scene changed, and turn the study way of infusing and absorbing into discussion study, make study especially thinking ability of student get improvements by a large margin. And by model simulation, we can finish sufficient research circulation witKin'short time, and at the same time greatly reduce experiment expenses that research institute need , also can imitate course behavior beyond normal experiment.This text has carried on helpful exploration about the meaning and mode of innovative teaching, And STELLA has a very good application prospect among scientific research…
Key words: innovative teaching; simulation; system thinking

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