Hunman Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Bone Marrow Effect the Proliferation and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells

Abstract: Objective: Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is a kind of adult stem cell, and it have the ability of multipotent differentiations. MSCs can be induced into osteogenic cells, adipogenic cells, neural cells and so on in vitro. From the results of experiments, the transplantation of MSCs can improve functional outcome after organic insults, but there are no experiments show that MSCs or cells differentiated from MSCs can exsit in the locations of the insults for long time. Neural insult is very hard to recome, the transplantation of neural stem cells(NSCs) can improve functional ouecome of it, and con-transplantation NSCs and MSCs can accelerate the process. We suppose that the MSCs can effect the NSCs, and accelerate neural insluts recover. So, we want to con-culture the hunman MSCs for bone marrow and NSCs for mouse, and study how the MSCs effcet the proliferation and differentiation of NSCs in vitro. The experenments will help us to use of MSCs in cell transplantation.Methods: Culture the MSCs from human bone marrow and neurospheres form mouse which contain NSCs. using the definition of the stern cells, self-renew mutipotent-differentiation, to certify the cells we culutred are stem cells. Using the adenovirus with enhenced green fluorescence protein(EGFP) to mark the MSCs from human, and con-culture with NSCs from mouse. In the condition of NSCs proliferation, study how the MSCs effcet the NSCs by observing the changes of neurospheres and the proliferation of the NSCs; In the condition of NSCs differentiation, study how the MSCs effcet the NSCs by detect the abilitise of differentiation into neurons, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes. NIBP is a new protein that can bind the proteins of NF-κB signal passway – NIK and IKK2. Using RNA interference(RNAi) generated from lentivirus vectors to knockdown the NIBP in neruospheres can block the cells migration form neurospheres. Using RT-PCR to detect the express of NIBP in co-cultured NSCs and control to study the mechanism of how MSCs effcet NSCs in proliferation conditon.Results: we can get the MSCs form the hunman bone marrow and can induce the cultured MSCs into osteogenic cells, adipogenic cells and cardiomycyote-like cells. We can culture the neurospheres whitch contain NSCs, and can induce the cultured NSCs into neurons, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes. Neurospheres can disaggregation in NSCs proliferation condition when con-culture with MSCs, and only using the MSCs conditional medium also can make the neurospheres disaggregation in NSCs proliferation condition. Form the results we can learn than MSCs can effcet NSCs by secrete some resoluble cytokine. The proliferation ability of CNSs can not change when cultrued in MSCs conditional medium. The MSCs conditional medium can increase the ability of differentiation to oligodendrocytes, and decreace the ability of differentiation to astrocytes, but can not change the ability of diffrentiation to neurons. The migration ability of nerosphere's cells can block when knockdowning the NIBP by RNAi, and the MSCs conditional medium also can make the express of NIBP dicreased.Conclusion: MSCs can increase the migration ability of NSCs by secreting some resoluble cytokine, which can upregulate the express of NIBP. MSCs can inrease the differentiation ability of NSCs to oligodendrocytes, and decrease the differentiation ability of NSCs to astrocytes…
Key words: Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) ; Neural Stem Cells ; con-Culture ; Cell Differentiation

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