Reliability-Based Sensitivity Analysis of Variable Cross-Section Components

Abstract: Now reliability technology receives more and more attention.,at the same time reliability is one of the important research direction in machinery. Application of the reliability design and reliability-based design for mechanical products can save a lot of human and material resources,raise design standards,shorten the design cycle,weak links to products play important role ,the rational for the pilot project,verify the reasonableness of the reliability .In mechanical analysis of the reliability of products ,due to various factors on the mechanical failure of the products of different degrees,the sensitivity of the reliability of mechanical parts design are of great significance.Reliability-based sensitivity of mechanical parets are based on the sensitivity of reliability design,be used to determine the design parameters of the impact, can fully reflect the design parameters on the mechanical failure of products to varying degrees,that sensitivity. Reliability-based sensitivity analysis in the design and mordification of reliability,reliability optimization design,reliability robust design and reliability are important aspects of maintenance applications.Cross-section mechanical components are widely used in engineering practice.The thorough analysis of variable cross-section components are helpful for cross-section components design and application.Analysising parametric to sensitivity of cross-section parts of the issue can tell which parameters should be strictly controlled in the design and use,which can avoid the blindness of the design,provide the necessary theoretical guidance.This paper,based on preliminary studies,summed up the reliability of the design sensitivity of various theories and methods.The variation law for reliability-based sensitivity of cross-section components are studied, a method on the reliability and sensitivity of cross-section mechanical components are proposed.Random variables in the basic probabilistic characteristics of certain circumstances,we can get the information of the cross-section mechanical commponents on the reliability-based sensitivity quickly and accurately.This paper studies variation law of utility reliability sensitivity under the normal conditions and the arbitrary distribution parameters,and the sensitivity of the variation law.In this paper , the reliability sensitivity of the random variables and their coefficients in the danger section are studied, the sensitivities of plus or minus of the mean random variables,(HS) variance,and the correlation coefficient are discussed…
Key words: variable cross-section components; reliability-based sensitivity ; Normal distribution ; arbitrary distribution

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