The Perceived Interaction Quality Measuring Model Research Based on the Theory of the Service Quality and the Interaction Process

Abstract: With the constant development of Chinese economy and consumer spending levels continue to increase, Chinese service industry face with fierce competition, companies trying to improve services, improve the service quality to enhance their competitiveness. Chinese research on the service quality lags far behind the development of practice, the role of guiding the practice is limited. This article start from the key elements of the service quality that is interaction quality, do the exploration of ways and methods to improve the service quality.Increasingly in-depth reform of Chinese banking industry, the competition among commercial banks is also growing, high-quality services of commercial banks which can gain competitive advantage is one of the important means. For banks, the service quality management of interaction process is a key element of its service quality management, therefore, the construction of measuring the quality evaluation system for interaction model which can apply to Chinese commercial banks and be scientific and systematic has very important significance.This paper start from the theory of home and abroad about the service quality and interaction process, start from the object which is commercial banks for research and development of commercial banks interaction quality measurement and evaluation model that is ISQ model, the main research results are as follows:1. in accordance with the current research of service quality, make profound analysis of the status and the evolution of the service quality, do further analysis of the interaction quality features and content, describe the process of perception of customer about interaction quality.2. summe up the general and the current model and main content about service quality measurement and evaluation, summe up the current status of banks about service quality evaluation, on the basis of comprehensive comparison of different theories and models ,then put forward that the SERVQUAL model whch is a wider application is used as the starting point, the BSQ model devoted to Measuring the service quality in the bank is the foundation, as the source of scale model of measuring the interaction quality. 3. the light of the current dynamic status of the interaction process and the interaction quality, summarize interaction process theory, propose the theoretical model that is expansion interaction service model which can be used for measuring customer perception.4. do a comprehensive analysis of the service quality measurement scale model and the interaction process model, based on SERVQUAL model, BSQ model and the expansion interaction services model, using the in-depth interviews, questionnaires, Monte Carlo simulation and factor analysis, to determine the ISQ model of interaction quality measurement and evaluation of Commercial banks.5. using multiple regression analysis method make further empirical analysis for ISQ model, determine the weight of the factors and the scales of the ISQ model, and make the calculation methods of the interaction quality to help commercial banks determine the inferior of service quality, that is of great significance in Commercial banks improving management of interaction services.In this paper, the ISQ model, with strong scientific and systematic, can be guiding role of better management of the interaction quality for commercial banks, will help commercial banks improve service quality…
Key words: service quality; interaction quality; commercial banks; interaction quality measurement model

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