Mine Hydrogeologic Information Management and Water-Disaster Prediction System

Abstract: The hydrogeologic work of mining is a relative to mine's safety, especially mining water-disaster is very important to mine's safety in the process of mining. The paper attempts to apply Geographic Information System (GIS) with powerful spatial analysis function to predicting water-disaster problem in coal mine. The author probed into deeply the developing modes of GIS applying system, the design of Mine Hydrogeology Management and the Water-disaster Prediction System (MHPS), managements and visualization of data about mining hydrogeology, the probability of mining water-disaster and classification of hazard caused by mining water, and at last develops MHPS based on MAPGIS 6.5. The MHPS covers three subsystems. The first one is mining hydrogeology data management subsystem, whose functions are mainly deals with the inputting, editing, inquiring, analyzing, calculating and outputting of mining hydrogeology data; The second is mining hydrogeolo gy drawing-data management subsystem, whose main functions are concerned with the inputting, drawing, editing, and outputting drawing that based on mining hydrogeology data and the inquiring and editing of the attribution drawing-data; The third is mining water-disaster appraising and predicting subsystem, which bases on the data from mining hydrogeology data management subsystem and drawing from mining hydrogeology drawing-data management subsystem used sluggish water-inrush mechanism and more factors compositing theory, brings forward the model of water-inrush to forecast water-disaster problem in coal mine. The application of MHPS in Yangcun coal mine of Yanzhou Mining Area, Shandong, indicates that the MHPS has good effect in the processing and analyzing water inrush prediction…
Key words: GIS; Ming water-disaster; Visualization; Forecasting and predicting; Hydrogeology information system

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