Study on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) Algorithms

Abstract: With Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) algorithms for application background, I conducted three kinds of MDO Strategies application and study.Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) is a new domain in these years, it is a complex system design methodology, which is through explore and use adequately collaboration mechanism in engineering system. its main idea is make use of distributed computer network in complex design process, then integrate multidisciplinary knowledge, adopting efficient design optimization strategies, organizing optimizaiton design process, and finally in the integrated overall system environments, obtain the optimal system solution. in last decades, MDO has been a hot domain in international research institutes, especially research in MDO strategies, which is just beginning in China. MDO technology has applicated broadly in building engineering, mechanical design, automobile and electronic domain, etc..First of all, this paper introduced the foundation of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, and firstly proposed MDO model different with others, and I think the MDO model should be a combination of Multi-object Porgramming and Multi-level Programming. Secondly, I analysised the coupling system framework and its analysis methods in MDO, and discuss detailed FPI algorithm and its convergence. after that, this paper discussed MDF, AAO and IDF strategy, mainly study their basic principle, idea and mathematical models, and analysis its advantages and disadvantages. Thirdly, this paper took one problems as example, and conducted comparation to analysis their computation feature and solve capability. At last, I summerized work what I have done and main innovation points, and proposed research advice in the futher…
Key words: MDO; MDF; AAO; IDF

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