Real Diagnosis Analysis of Drawing Effect of Investment to Employment of Jilin Province

Abstract: Since reform opening, The Jilin Province economy has developed greatly. Three big industrial GDP and the fixed asset investment cost increase continuously. But up to 2004, the entire social employment population is 12,220,000.Only 520,000 people has employed in 15 years. It indicates that the Province’s GDP and the investment in the fixed assets growth do not bring the employment population to increase. The drawing effect of growth of GDP and the investment to the employment has been declined obviously.However, full employment is not only one of socialism harmonious society’s symbols, but also is the basic premise of realizing the socialism harmonious society. It relates people’s vital interest directly and the stable general situation of reform development. So how to grasp the critical time to construct well-off society and the crucial phase to promote the Jilin’s– the old industrial base’s economy. Bring up the economy, complete the industry promotion and transformation, and promote the employment corresponding growth of Jilin Province at the same time; how to rationally distribute the investment into three industries, and formulate corresponding policy to guide the folk investment is the major issues that Jilin Province must face to. It requests us to search for the problem of each industrial employment of Jilin Province.But the majority of the existing economical literature theory is on the angle of economy growth to study the problem which employment has existed. Few scholars relate the two economical variables, invest and employment. Bu…
Key words: Asbestine Mine; Market Forecast; Financial Analysis ; Core Competence

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