Analysis of the Technical Spillovers Effect by Foreign Direct Investment in Wuhan

Abstract: Under the wave of economic globalization, with the speed-up integration of international capital, how to develop economy of developing or less-developed countries or areas by attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has already aroused deep concern among the academics. Multinational corporations, the carrier of FDI, are inventors of advanced technology in the world and main body of technical transfer and technical diffusion. Because of the spillover of technology, to cooperate with multinational corporations by the introduction of FDI is an important way for developing country to attain technology and improve innovative ability. Besides, owing to the incompletion of the technology market and the expensive cost of marketing exchange, many technique adopted inner usage, the more advanced the technique is, the more difficult to be attained from the outer market, so as for the developing host country, it is particularly important to bring the technical spillovers effect of multinational corporations into play effectively. The study objective of this paper is the FDI in Wuhan city. This paper attempts to analyze the technical spillovers effect of FDI in Wuhan and its influence factors and to bring forward some countermeasures correspond with the technical spillovers attained by FDI in Wuhan province under the new situation of economic globalization and the central region's growing up. The main contents conclude five chapters:Chapter 1: Preface. This chapter expatiates systematically on the aim and meaning of research, research actuality in domestic and abroad, the innovation, research logic and approach.Chapter 2: Theoretical analysis of FDI technical spillovers effect. In this chapter, I systematically summarize the theories relative to FDI and technical spillovers and provide comprehensive comments.Chapter 3: The ways and influence factors of FDI technical spillovers. This chapter analyzes the ways of FDI technical spillovers and its relationship; it also comprehensive studies the influence factors of FDI technical spillovers effect.Chapter 4: Empirical analysis of FDI technical spillovers effect in Wuhan province. Firstly this chapter analyzes the actuality of Wuhan FDI; then I establish the technical spillover and influence factor modes through basic principles and approaches of econometrics and draw the conclusion that the FDI technical spillovers effects on Wuhan are remarkable through regression analysis and relativ…
Key words: FDI; technical spillover; effect; countermeasure

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