System Science Method and Reform of Thinking Mode

Abstract: The emergence of system science method is the product of the development of human understanding. It guides people thinking from the entirety and explores the new ideas of the scientific and technological development by breaking through the fence of only focus on the analysis of mechanical method. Because of its universality、general and the high level of abstraction, once the system science method has produced, it has a widely used in natural science、technology science、social science、environmental science、medical science、management science and military science and other fields; It strengthens the development of each border disciplines and comprehensiveness discipline, which promotes the overall trend of the development of science and technology、natural science and social science.With the formation of the system science method and the extensive application in all areas, people recur the system science method to form the objective understanding of things gradually from to qualitative to quantitative, from the individual to whole, from static to dynamic, from linear to nonlinear. This has greatly enhanced the understanding of people’s ability to solve a lot of problems of the fields of natural sciences and social sciences and other fields. What’s more, it gradually leads to the update of people’s conception, thus leading to the reform of thinking mode and promoting the progress of human civilization. It is precisely because of such important significance of the reform of thinking mode to the system science method and such far-reaching impact to social development and human progress that the author writes this master’s degree dissertation on the basis of a wide range of learning、understanding and research of the relevant information.The full text is divided into five parts:The first part briefly describes the impact of the Scientific methods to the reform of thinking mode. The thinking mode of human has accordingly experienced the following main stages along with the incessant advancement of science. the intuitive、holistic thinking mode which used by the ancients, the mechanical thinking mode which has emerged in the modern times, the dialectical thinking mode which has emerged in the 19th century, and the modern system thinking mode.The second part is a brief overview of the system science method. Firstly, the second part introduces the system science method and its fundamental principles (which have mainly included: integrity principle、comprehensive principle、dynamic principle、model principles and optimization principle). Secondly, it mainly introduces the method of system theory and dissipative structures theory that are included in the system science method.The third part illuminates the necessity and inevitability of the reform of thinking mode from the emergence and performance of the traditional mechanical thinking mode and following the represented limitations of the science development.The fourth part discusses the fundamental causes of the reform of thinking method and the specific contents of the mechanical thinking mode which have aroused from the method of system theory and the method of self-organization theory.The fifth part expounds the practical significance of the mechanical thinking mode from three aspects after the emergence of the system science method. The first aspect is the advancement and development of the material dialectic thinking mode; The second is the positively promoting role of the science development; The third is the influence of the social development, which mainly discusses the guiding role to China’s building of the socialist harmonious society…
Key words: System science method; Thinking mode; Reform

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