Study on Insurance Service Quality Evaluating Method and Its Application

Abstract: Chinese insurance industry has developed at a high speed and is one of the fastest growing industries since 1980. The amounts of insurance company is increasing and the competition of insurance industry grows more and more fierce , along with the enlargement of insurance market scale and the increasing of insurance business. The improvement of service quality has become the key factor of setting up competitive edge in enterprises. It is important for insurance company to evaluate its service quality.This paper brings forward an index system of evaluating insurance service quality and a fuzzy evaluating method on the basis of the other people's work. First the paper gives an introduction, including the theoretic background of evaluating service quality, some relevant theories and papers. And then the index system of insurance quality and the fuzzy evaluating method are constructed and put into practice in The People's Insurance Company of China, Fuxin Branch. This paper is concluded in last section, including the basic result and major innovation of this research, and some suggestions for future research…
Key words: insurance ; service quality ; evaluating method ; fuzzy evaluate

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