Study on the Quality Chain of Service Corporate

Abstract: Based on the traditional quality management, the quality management are only focused on the enterprise themselves. Manufacturer, retailer and end-user, it was impossible to carry out cooperation and coordination in effect. As a result, it's impossible to optimize. So we have to study the quality management in a bigger system, which is called quality chain management. The quality chain management is not a single enlarge of the quality management method, it's a systems engineering includes the technology, management and social milieu…etc., it also need the cooperation of all the enterprises in the team.At the first , the author analysis the current situation of service corporate and quality chain both at home and abroad at present, point out the purpose to selected this topic, provide goal, content, method of this research. Base on elaborates the background of the quantity chain management's emergence, base on the needs of the service corporate environment for the theory, put forward concept of the quality chain management of service corporate. And expound the quality chain of service corporate quality controlling mechanism. Set up intact supplier's quality and guarantee to appraise models in ability, using the complicated hiberarchy and faintness analyses methods, researches the choosing procedure of the collabtive corporate. Building estimate model and estimated the collabtive corporate; product design and develop quality control put emphasis on QFD model and service quality. Base on analyze the importance of the quality information flow of the chain at first, introduce some new theories of quality information acquire based on systems engineering, knowledge discovery, network and quality information coding theory; finally introduced the new method that quality information is obtained. For coordination confliction of quality chian management, proposition qualities supervise mechanism under quality chain environment, emphasizes the important function of quality culture in quality chain. At the last, using the quality theory in the TIANBAI on the base it's quality management system, and designs the project of how the quality theory using in TIANBAI.The paper use the systemic research method, ensure the research aims, criterion the boundary of the research content, conceive the theoretic system frame of the quality chain and analyses it's operational process. It develops supply chain based quality management theories and methods and provides guidelines to service enterprises in quality management throughout its supply chain…
Key words: Quality Management; Service Corporate; Quality Chain; Quality Supervise; Quality Information

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