The Management Information System of XiaoShiRen Gold Mine Resources Evaluate Based on GIS

Abstract: GIS is the aggregation of software、hardware、geographic data and mankind. It was used for storing、updating、administrating、analyzing and showing all relations geographic information in a good many fields. For example, it has been used in investigating area geology、finding mine、forecasting resource、engineering geology and managing nature resources, especially offering a powerful tool for mine resources evaluation. The management information system of XiaoShiRen gold mine resources evaluate is designed and developed based on GIS, and its come true the computer management of geology、physics exploration、chemistry exploration and remote sensing data. We can use this system input、acquire、query、output all the figure and the attribute data. And we can use all of this data delineate area of the abnormity, forecast perspective mine bases known mine. The foundation of complexity geology database is one of the guideline to estimate a profession system. In some sense, it will directly influence the application of the developed evaluating system. Based on this cognition, under the theory direction of Synthesis Information for Mine Resource Forecast, through investigate the component of mine resources data and the basis rule, method request of database foundation and the input 、output 、management of data ,We bring forward a common method of design the management information system of mine resources evaluate based on GIS . This paper divide into seven parts based the production of other people. The two preceding parts of paper simply introduce GIS and its geological application, and it points out mine resources evaluate is developing tendency. And building up database is the importance and difficulty of mine resource…
Key words: GIS; mine resources evaluate; information system; database

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