Research and Development of Adjustment System for High Precision Construction Control Network

Abstract: Based on the adjustment theory for control network, the theory for gross error snooping, the graphics theory and the computer technologies, the adjustment theories and system exploiting technology of high precision construction control network are mainly researched and discussed. The development experience and theories production of adjustment system in the world are analyzed and summarized. Then, the adjustment system for high precision construction control network is designed and exploited. The main contents of the paper are as follows.1 .According to the aim of the system, the configuration of the adjustment system of high precision construction control network is analyzed and designed, and the main function of every parts is explained.2.The theory and methods of gross error identifying are studied. The disadvantages and shortages of the classical gross snooping methods are analyzed. The improvement of data snooping method with weight is discussed, and it is contrasted and proved with a mass of examples.3. With using computer graphics, the saving mode of graph data is improved. The method of estimating point connection is studied. With using the Dijkstra algorithm in graph theory, the arithmetic of looking for the least connecting route in control network is studied. The Adding Chord in Spanning Tree and Additional Column Dijkstra Algorithm is mainly studied to judge the least independent close loop. Besides, the methods of judging the error of triangles of closure and side condition in control network automatically are discussed with examples.4.The database configuration of the adjustment system is designed, with analyzing the characteristics of optimizing design and adjustment for construction control network and using the database technology.5.The methods and process of visualizing input, output and management are researched. The functions such as graphics inquiring come true by using the figure of control network.6.Based on the visualization technology and the optimizing design theory for control network, the principle and implement methods of optimal design for control network are studied with the reference point graphics in the system…
Key words: construction control network; adjustment; gross error elimination; computer graphics; graph theory; database; visualization; optimal design

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