Research on Optimization Design of the High Precision GPS Control Network

Abstract: With the development of our social economy in recent years, GPS positioning technique has been widely used in establishing many kinds of control networks. The researches of block adjustment supported by the GPS data have acquired exciting achievement. Because of high-efficient, high-precision, no distance limitation, all-weather operation, highly automated and so on, the technology of GPS positioning is used in the security monitoring of highways.Optimization method is a branch of applied mathematics the modern times, is to study the discipline may choose one kind of the most rational scheme in the scheme to reach the optimum target from possessions. Under the control of net meshing being under construction is designed, part being entire meshing theory. The target that meshing designs, ought to satisfy various call for, being that accuracy, location are suitable to lofting among them mainly, coordinating net arrangement of ideas, meshing cost being under construction, stabilizing, building and so on.The reseach jobs in this paper are briefly introduced as follows:(1) Analysis of the use of GPS positioning methods and the basic concept of measuring the type of summary view GPS measurement error sources, and propose corrective measures.(2) Analysis of the reliability of GPS network in the research and analysis of gross error exists between the concept of measuring the relevance of a strong, gross error content, and various types of gross errors, such as at the same time there is the basis of the main features of GPS control network observation data to optimize the research and examples of verification.(3) Number of different baselines or different edge-to-control network baseline quality. And examples of proof-shaped control network based on the optimization of the feasibility and effectiveness of the design.(4) Residuals on theory, analysis of gross error on the residual impact and the reliability of GPS network decision factor, derived by summing up the GPS network reliability indicators, including the GPS baseline vector components of the redundant observations, the internal reliability and external reliability index, the correlation analysis based on the reliability of the GPS network theory.(5) Summed up to improve the reliability of GPS control network of measures, based on observation of Optimal Design of redundant ideas. And take for an examples…
Key words: GPS; Control Network; GPS net adjustment; Reliability; Sensitivity; methods of deployment of networks; Optimal Design of Control Network

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