An Initial Discussion on the Thinking Mode of the Network Time

Abstract: Since the eighties of twenty century, the rapid development of Internet has an effect on every aspect of human society. It has sharply changed people's life styles, behavior styles, contact styles and eventually changed people's thinking modes. Internet has become the hottest problem to be studied, while the trend of human thinking change has become the first problem to be studied. Based on this point, this thesis talks about what is network thinking mode, what are the organization of thinking mode, characteristics and the positive and negative values, and probes into these aspects in order to deepen the recognition of network thinking mode and to further reform human's thinking mode.This thesis contains three chapters, besides introduction and conclusion. The first chapter is made of two parts. The first part mainly demonstrates the nature of network thinking mode. Produced in Information Age, network thinking mode based on internet technology, has a new thinking model of internet shape organization. Network thinking mode cannot live without the modern Internet technology and the modern Internet technology is the basis of presence of internet thinking. The second part talks about the significance of network thinking mode.The second chapter is the focal point, including three parts. The first part analyzes the organization of network thinking mode. The subject, object, medium and means all present the new characteristics and development trend different from the former thinking mode. In internet space, "virtual person" has also become the subject of thinking, but still subordinate to "realistic person". The object of internet thinking shows digital code, initiative and special these three characteristics. With the development of the internet technology, the object of internet thinking will be deepened and enlarged. Virtual becomes the medium that the subject recognizes the object in network thinking mode, and this medium makes other media virtualized. Therefore, the medium of the subject and object contain virtual medium and medium virtualized. The network thinking mode manifests complex and comprehensive, combines many thinking modes. The second part researches into the mechanism of the subject's perception of the object in network thinking mode. Through the information's digital codes and combinations, the subject recognizes the object. The third part mainly analyzes some characteristics of network thinking modes, such as virtualized, open, systematic dynamically dispersed and shared.The third chapter is constituted of two parts. By analysis of the relationship between network thinking mode and dialectical thinking mode, the first part summarizes the value of network thinking mode. The second part talks about some negative values of network thinking mode: thinking internet may lead to the disappearance of thinking depth; thinking internet may cause thinking mode dependent on technology; the virtual of internet thinking may cause the empty of thinking; the personality of internet thinking may lead to the narrow thinking. Through research into the positive and negative values, this thesis reminds humans of paying attention to avoiding negative effect of internet thinking, developing its positive values in order to promote the practical effects of this study…
Key words: Network; Thinking Mode; Virtual Reality

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