The Study on Service Quality Sensation and Service Strategy of Electricity Customer

Abstract: With the arrival of the era of service economy, customers are more concerned about service quality. The core philosophies of service marketing management are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty; however, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, the primary factor is the service quality.The paper introduces the research status of service quality sensation and customer satisfaction, discusses the relationship between service quality sensation and customer satisfaction, then makes a empirical research of the power-supplying enterprise. Finally, the paper concluded the innovation and conclusions.The purpose of the study include three aspects: developing the scales tomeasure the perceived quality in banking services, and exploring the factors of perceived quality in banking services; using structural equation model to study the relationships among every factor of perceived service quality and customer satisfaction; Based on the research findings, put forward services strategy to improve the service quality of power-supplying enterprise…
Key words: electricity customer; perceived service quality; customer satisfaction; Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

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