The Quantum Properties in the Intensity-dependent Coupling Interaction between a Three-level Cascade Atom and Light Field

Abstract: The quantum properties of the intensity- dependent coupling interaction between a three-level cascade atom and light field was studied by numerical calculation in this paper, under the condition of rotating wave approximation and resonance, atomic dipole squeezing effects, photon anti-bunching effects and field entropy properties of this system are discussed.1. Along with the increasing of initial field average photon value, realized the dispersive of the three- levels atoms dipole operator be fully squeezed, the absorb part of the atomic dipole operator be part squeezed.2. With the increasing of the value of n|-, the change of the atom and field coupling coefficient g, the character of photon from alternated between anti-bunching effect and bunching effect to bunching effect only, we know that the value of n|- plays a more important role than g in photon anti-bunching effects.3. The field or atom entropy evolution has the periodicity, along with initial light field average photon value increasing, the swing of the evolved curve reduced, the field or atom entropy evolution has a more obvious periodicity, a…
Key words: intensity-dependent coupling; cascade three-level atom; dipole squeezing effect; anti-bunching effect; field(atom)entropy

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