Preparation and Seal Application of Nano-magnetic Fluid

Abstract: Magnetic fluid is a new nanometer functional material. But the technology is complicated, technological process is long, and mission success rate is not high at the present time. The thesis prepare nano-magnetic liquid by plasma activation methods, we explore reactant ratio、 former and later operating temperature、 condition of physical spread、 times of reaction cycle、 pulse frequency、 pulsed voltage parameter, finally, the optimum reaction conditions to prepare magnetic fluid with high magnetic saturation are discovered. It is also determined through experimental researches that the highest pulse frequency should be controlled at 64kHz, the highest pulse voltage 9 kV, the former temperature should be controlled around 90°C~100 °C,the later temperature should be controlled around 180°C~200°C, and the reaction time around two hours.We applied magnetic fluid of home-made to magnetic fluid static seal. On the safety valve experimental platform of self-designed, the key parameters of magnetic fluid seal are studied through experiments related. Research shows: opening pressure become increasing as the intensity of magnetic field strengthen. We put magnetic pole piece into safety valve , to effect seal ability of magnetic fluid safety valve through transfer magnetic circuit flux of permanent magnetism loop's N、S pole, opening pressure become increasing as the thickness of magnetic pole piece increase. We use shift able hoop of varied thick to change magnetic pole piece, even if in the state of magnetic field invariant, still to change opening pressure by control magnetic flux path…
Key words: nano-magnetic fluid ; plasma ; static seal ; safety valve

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